Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Fifteen-to-One 2.0: Series 7 Final

OK, another Fifteen-to-One final to deal with. Now that Channel 4 has handed the horse racing highlights to ITV, the show is now on every day, and thus we are having longer series than before. Whereas the previous series have all been 30 or 40 episodes long, this series and the new one which has just begun are 50 shows long, so a bit more like the original series in run-time in that sense.

Anyway, playing the grand final last Friday were: Scott Dalgleish, Andy Kelly (legendary DoND alumnus, as well as OC and numerous others), Chris Morris, John Goodall, Richard Pederson, Andy Greenan, Zoe Millman, Darren Martin, Malcolm Dent, Phil Welch, John Olsen, Ashton Cull, Andrew Smithies (OC and Mastermind alumnus), Jack Bennett (blog reader and UC alumnus with Liverpool last year) and Ross Goodwin (OC and Brain of Britain alumnus and top of the finals board with 212 points).

Messrs Dalgleish, Goodall and Olsen were eliminated in the first round, and after a good second round worthy of the final, with Mr Smithies finishing fifth and Mr Bennett fourth, we had out four finalists: Zoe Millman, Darren Martin and Ross Goodwin.

It was going to take something to top the two final rounds we had last year, but this was pretty close to matching them. At first, the players were even; after ten questions, all three had answered 3 correctly.

With just ten to go, it was anyone's game, the players all within ten of each other. Then Mr Goodwin answered six questions in a row, which was enough to put him over the finish line. In the end, the show ended with Ms Millman on 101 with two lives intact, Mr Martin on 122 with two lives intact and Mr Goodwin on 151 with two lives intact.

So Mr Goodwin won the show, and the £40,000! Well done him, the first player of the revival to complete the double of topping the finals board and winning the final, and well done to all involved for another very enjoyable final!

I will, of course, cover the next final as well; should be around the same time UC resumes. Also, I do still intend to post a fuller set of my thoughts on OC (and UC) at some point; can't say when, but I will. I hope.

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